Convite aos cicloficineiros: festival “faça-você-mesmo” na Áustria

Recebemos hoje este e-mail do Max, da Bikekitchen Vienna:

hi bikefreaks & bicyclefriends,

In Austria there are currently three bikekitchens which provide a
non-commerical access to tools and knowledge to fix your bikes and build
new ones. And for having fun, cooking and living alternatives to our

We (The bikekitchen Vienna, Linz and Graz) are planning a
DIY-festival around DIY-bike-repair-workshops, bicycle-activities,
movie-screenings, discussions, fun and nice people and would like to
invite you to join in and participate. (DIY = DoItYourself)

the cyclocamp should provide DIY bicycle repair shops with an
opportunity to reflect upon themselves, learn from other non-commerical
bicycle-projects and have fun together. we feel the need to
(inter)connect with projects similar to ours, learn from other
experiences and make friends for trips and other projects.

the festival should be completely self organized, there should be no
“orga-team” providing necessary infrastructure or dominating the
discourse and it should be as cheap as possible, no profit should be made.

it will take place 26.07.2011 – 01.08.2011 in Ottensheim near Linz

we can provide a free festival area with camping, toilet and shower
infrastructure. some groups already volunteered to provide gear for
cooking and concerts and the bikekitchen Vienna will bring tools and
equipment to build stuff and for workshops. at the moment we also host
electronic infrastructure such as mailinglist and wiki.

We hope that many of you bring their ideas, movies, polo-mallets,
tallbikes, political motivations, gender-issues, favorite
cooking-receipts and whatever you want to bring to the world to make it
a better place with more fun and more bicycles.

please write us if you are interested to come and distribute this
invitation to people you know could be interested.

looking forward to see you


Bikekitchen Vienna

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